Local Court Rules
(Effective 07/01/06)
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Chapter 01 - Introductory
Chapter 02 - Administration of the Courts; Fairness, Courtroom Decorum
Chapter 03 - Civil-General Pretrial Rules
Chapter 04 - Civil Case Management
Chapter 05 - Telephonic Appearance and Facsimile Filing
Chapter 06 - Court Reporters
Chapter 07 - Miscellaneous Rules
Chapter 08 - Family Law Rules
Chapter 09 - Probate Rules
Chapter 10 - Criminal Rules
Chapter 11 - Juvenile Court Rules
Chapter 12 - Family Law Facilitator
Chapter 13 - Jury Rules
Chapter 14 - Jury Commissioner

New Local Rule - Bridgeport Court Proceedings during Hazardous Weather

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These rules may be purchased for $10.00 at either branch of the court.

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