1. If you are seeking court case files or information from the case file, continue reading the information below. 
  1. If you are seeking administrative records regarding court operations, please email the court at
  1. If you are seeking court case files or information from court case files you have two choices on how to obtain the files or information you are requesting
    1. You can come to our courthouse in Mammoth Lakes and request to review the court file and then select what you want copied from the file.  However, you will charged $15 search fee.  There will also be a per page charge for the copying.  If you choose to do that, it is highly recommended you check our court website,, for the days and times that our court counter will be open
    1. or you can get information or documentation without coming to our courthouse, then you are making a court records “search request” that the court must charge you for the staff's time spent to locate your record and then either mail it to you or email to you.
      1. The Court requires payment of $15 before we can perform the search request.  Please mail a written request with sufficient explanation of what information or documentation you are requesting be searched.  Also include how you would like the information or documentation found be provided to you, by mailing copies to you or by emailing a copy.  In both cases you will also be charged a per page copy charge.  If you want the information or documentation mailed to you, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your $15 payment and search request
      1. With your request include a $15 check made payable to Mono County Superior Court.    Mail your search request to: Superior Court-Mono County, PO Box 1037, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.  It may take 2 to 4 weeks to fulfill your request after receiving it.  On the envelope, put “attention search request.”  Due to budget reductions we have less staff available to perform searches and we appreciate your patience in fulfilling your search request.